• Monsieur Mediocre

    A hilarious, candid account of what life in France is actually like, from a writer for Vanity Fair and GQ. Americans love to love Paris. We buy books about how the French parent, why French women don’t get fat, and how to be Parisian wherever you are. While our work hours increase every year, we […]

  • In Gad We Trust

    Four years ago, Gad Elmaleh, France’s biggest comedian, arrived on US shores with the dream of becoming a stand-up comic in English. The funny part? He actually did it. On a dreary October evening in 2015, Gad Elmaleh, France’s biggest comedian and one of its most recognized stars found himself doing stand up in English […]

  • Gloria Vanderbilt: The last American aristocrat

    Heiress to one of the richest American dynasties, Gloria Vanderbilt has seen it all. Fame, fortune, love, and tragedy. JOHN VON SOTHEN retraces the destiny of the woman who inspired Breakfast at Tiffany’s and designer jeans, while harkening back to a lost age – when America once had royalty. There must have been a moment […]

  • French vacances: Six weeks of not so great time off

    JOHN VON SOTHEN discovered when he married a French woman that a man’s visions of those sex filled, rosé saturated lazy European summer holidays are unfortunately dependent on one thing. You have to spend them with…..the French. THE DINNER PARTY One of the selling points my wife, Anaïs, pitched me before bundling me off to […]

  • Bernie Sanders: The Force Awakens

    With a shocking upset in Michigan, Bernie Sanders is proving he’s not dead yet. The only ones who aren’t surprised are the millions of millennials packing stadiums to see him. JOHN VON SOTHEN travels aboard Air Sanders to meet the improbable icon of the new American left. 

  • Passport Control

    Passport control in US airports used to be a no man’s land politically. No longer so, says JOHN VON SOTHEN, who recently noticed small changes put into place, changes he wouldn’t have picked up on had Fox News not been staring him right in the face. 

  • Hangin’ with God – the ultimate celebrity interview

    JOHN VON SOTHEN sits down with celebrity recluse God to discuss election predictions, plagues, fashion, and idiots who keep pocket dialing him.

  • Voulez-vous think tank avec moi, ce soir?

    When JOHN VON SOTHEN is invited to join a Parisian think tank, he can’t help but be flattered. However, the enthusiasm of joining Paris’s world of letters and science quickly wears off when he realizes he may just have joined a sex club instead. 

  • Biggins

    Like any writer who moves to the country, I found myself at the beginning, doing things other than writing. Because why write when you can clean out a garage for example. And garages, I might add, can be very interesting to clean out. To me, they’re like cemeteries of modern living, filled with unused toys or […]

  • SoPI, NoPI, and PiPI: How I renamed Paris like New York

    “What neighborhood do you live in?” I’d often ask, and it seemed, at the time, to be the perfect icebreaker. Hell, it’s THE most common question New Yorkers pose – well perhaps just behind “How much do you make?” But in Paris, what I got in return were often fairly lame and vague responses, as […]