• Philosophical mic dropping at the Flore

    DOROTHEE PARTERRE organizes an open mic night at the Flore where modern day French minds and pens, (dead and alive) return to their literary Mecca to deliver a meta form of comedy the city hasn’t seen in years.

  • Vanity Flore and the wikipedia page for DorothĂ©e Parterre

    In 2014, I was asked by Vanity Fair to breathe life into a character they were trying to create but hadn’t yet fleshed out. They had a name – DorothĂ©e Parterre (a Parisian Dorothy Parker) and an occupation (a VF correspondent living in Paris) but other than her having a Franco-American pedigree and a habit […]

  • The Island of Mispronounced Names

    For Christmas this year, DOROTHEE PARTERRE recounts her version of The Island of Misfit Toys – The Island of Mispronounced Names; an island where American and British celebs live – trapped inside their French pronunciations.