Legal status in France: Resident of France – titre de séjour valid through 2023
Convention collective: C.C. Nationale des Journalistes
Statute: Rédacteur Pigiste
No. Sécurité Sociale: 169099949411541
No. Siret:78946646300021
Cong Spec No. de matriculation – V319121

Legal status in US: US citizen
Social Security No. 578-88-4458

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Photo featured in Society of Sir Noel Coward in his dining room in Les Avants Switzerland taken by Allan Warren.


Long form – illustration by makar via shutter stock

Opinon – image by James Steidl via Shutterstock

norman says hi
humor – Still taken from the Alfred Hitchcoks Psycho owned by Paramount Pictures

Review – Still taken from the film Gladiator property of DreamWorks Pictures (North America) Universal Pictures (through United International Pictures) (International)

Portraits – image by Martin Schoeller owned by GQ for article on Zach Galifinakis


True Crime – image owned by MyImages – Micha licensed from Shutterstock